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EWPCC 2021 annual conference: EWCs in the Pandemic

On 10/06/2021 the European Workers' Participation Competence Centre (EWPCC) of the ETUI held its annual conference devoted to workers' rights. This year's edition was devoted to 'EWCs in the Pandemic: What role for EWCs and SE-Works Councils in addressing company policies to meet the health, employment and work organization challenges of Covid?'. Despite the Covid limitations and the digital format the event attracted more than 80 participants from all over Europe. 
Thanks to its hybrid format combining high-level expert input with practice oriented communication style in form of interviews with experts as well as entertaining chairing by Aline HOffmann (ETUI) and Petra Molenaar (SBI Format) the conference was very interactive and engaging for participants who could express their views using online voting systems and discuss specific issues in several break out sessions.

All in all, according to the participants themselves, it was another successful edition of the EWPCC conference adding to its good reputation gained over the years.

The materials and presentations provided during the conference can be found and downloaded here:

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