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EMF Guidelines on the SE and Checklist

En mars 2003, la Fédération européenne des métallurgistes (FEM) a adopté des lignes directrices sur la Société européenne (SE). En novembre 2004, elle a publié une check-list concernant les accords sur l’implication des travailleurs au sein des SE. Disponible en français, en anglais et en allemand.

In its guidelines, the EMF makes a clear statement in favour of board-level representation in the SE. It stresses the importance of making the best use of the negotiation period in order to reach an acceptable agreement on information, consultation and (board-level) participation. Within these negotiations, the Special Negotiating Body should always try to achieve the highest possible level of participation. After having been appointed, the employee representatives on the SE board will not have a national but a European mandate. The EMF should be consulted and involved in the different stages of the procedure and will appoint a trade union coordinator as a point of contact between the SE and the EMF.

EMF SE Guidelines and Checklist

EMF Guidelines EN EMF Guidelines EN.pdf 76,97 kB

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Lignes directrices de la FEM Lignes directrices de la FEM.pdf 83,08 kB

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