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Les administrateurs salariés et la gouvernance d’entreprise

Worker directors in France – Staff representatives, shop stewards, works councillors… If actors and observers of the social dialogue sphere are familiar with information and consultation rights for workers, participation of the latter in company’s administration is much less known, especially when it has to do with workers representation on companies’ board as effective member, i.e. with a deliberative voice. Who are those workers directors? What are their duties? How do they reconcile workers defence with company’s economic goals? What policy do trade unions, which support them, have adopted regarding this kind of “soft” codetermination?

This pluridisciplinary book, gathering researchers and practitioners, draws an unexpected portrait of those employee representatives: neither “super-shop stewards”, nor passive observers or over-obliging courtiers, workers directors hold a position where they are able to gain a real power of influence. At a time when globalized economy faces a crisis, described as systemic by some, and corporate governance continues to raise issues, contributors ask themselves: would a stronger form of board-level employee participation contribute to a better consideration by top management of companies’ societal responsibilities?

Further information (FR): http://www.ladocumentationfrancaise.fr/revues-collections/etudes-df/sommaire/administrateurs-salaries.shtml

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